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How to Quickly Get Diamonds in Langley January 30, 2018

Diamond PictureIf you’re trying to find a great place to buy diamond jewelry in the Langley area, then you should know there are many options available to you. Unfortunately because of the small size of the city jewelry stores locally are pretty pricey and expensive. That’s why it’s usually a better idea to buy your diamond jewelry online.

This brings up a question about shipping. The great thing about buying jewelry locally is that you can look at it and get it that same day. Most people think that when you buy something online, you’ll end up waiting for weeks while your package is shipped to you.

That was our view of the situation as well. Until we actually tried it.

We decided to look for the best place to buy diamonds by doing some proper research to finally pick an online diamond store. We chose a place called James Allen and decided to browse their inventory.

Another problem with buying online is that you’re usually stuck looking at some professional photograph of the item you’re shopping for. And you have no idea if what’s shipped to you will be the same thing you saw on the website. But with James Allen they actually had have fully 360 degree high definition images and crazy amounts of zoom.

So you’re actually able to inspect your purchase right before you buy. And you’re shipped that exact diamond or jewelry piece.

That’s an amazing piece of technology and helped make the whole thing much easier to stomach. As far as how long it took for the jewelry to arrive – it was fast! I think it arrived in less than a week. The shipping time may be different if you design a custom piece of jewelry. But for our test we just bought a pre-designed diamond ring.

And when it arrive we inspected it. We compared it to screenshots we took of the images we saw on the website and it was pretty damn close. We’re not diamond gemologists or experts but it did seem like it was the same exact item. So that was great.

All in all, buying a diamond online was a great experience. I’m sure things will get even better as infrastructure improves along with technology. So if you’re in Langley, and you want to get some jewelry quickly and cost-effectively, you can try shopping online! There’s not a lot to fear!

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